Diabetic Formula


JINVIGORATE’s Diabetic Formula, Low GI certified by the GI Foundation, has been especially designed to support the nutritional needs of people with diabetes, who cannot meet their dietary needs through diet modification alone. It can be consumed as a delicious and nutritious shake and provides vitamin D, Chromium, Zinc as well as Resistant Dextrin, MCT oil, Inulin and Chestnut Astringent Skin Extract which are all suitable for diabetics. It is recommended that this product is used in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet, lifestyle and exercise.

This product comes in 30gx20 sachets, convenient for people on-the-go and whilst travelling. With a GI value as low as 23, this product helps you stay fuller for longer whilst keeping your blood sugar level within a low and steady range.

GI Value: 23
Net weight: 600g
Serve Size: 30g
Carbohydrates/serve: 4.1g
Sugar/serve: 2.9g
Dietary fibre/serve: 3.5g