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Please find below the essential information about the company.


Jatcorp Limited

Business Description

Jatcorp (ASX: JAT), at the forefront of innovative technology servicing the world’s largest retail markets. With a track record of successful product development and distinguished technology.

JAT is a leading producer of supplementary food products, plant-based products and dairy food products.


JATCORP LIMITED (JAT) is listed on:
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

Its securities are listed under ASX code: JAT

Company's Managing Director

Mr. Zhan Wang (Jack)

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Zhi Guo Zhang (Scott)

Chairman of The Board

Mr. Peng Shen (Dennis)

Board Of Directors

Mr. Zhan Wang (Jack)
Mr. Zhi Guo Zhang (Scott)
Mr. Peng Shen (Dennis)
Mr. Bo Qiang (Charlie)

JAT Head Office

502/2 Bligh Street
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia