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Jat Brands


Jinvigorate is JAT’s latest brand. This brand will include a range of milk powder-based healthy supplements for people who are looking for products with specific functions to support their health, such as low GI, low sugar or sodium content and the like. The first product in this range will be launched in February 2021, with other products to follow during the year.

As the first product to be developed under this brand, the Jinvigorate Diabetic Formula, is a great food supplement for people who are looking for products with a low GI value. The product was developed by JAT, tested by the University of Sydney and certified as Low GI by the Glycemic Index Foundation.

Eating a low GI diet, according to the GI Foundation, helps consumers in a number of ways such as: managing diabetes; achieving or maintaining a healthy weight; increasing mental performance and sustaining energy levels. (for more information about this, please see:

The Jinvigorate Diabetic Formula has a GI value of 23. This is well below the GI Foundation’s maximum Low GI value level of 55.